Our Programs


R.O.M.P. - Reconnecting with Our Military Personnel

  R.O.M.P. helps to reconnect with our military personnel who are confined to Veteran’s hospitals by bringing in trainers with trained animals, dogs, cats, etc., which have been rescued from local animal shelters.  Your donations help provide the needed funds to adopt these unwanted animals, provide any medical care and training they may need and to insure that qualified, screened professional trainers are available to bring these animals to local Veteran hospitals on a regular basis. 

Senior for Seniors

This program rescues senior pets that have been abandoned at local shelters, provides any  needed medical care and places them into a senior person’s home along with continuous monitoring.  Like a meals on wheels program, we provide a service that helps “shut-ins”.  They may long for the companionship of a loving pet but cannot fully provide for them.  The screened senior will have an appropriate pet placed in their home, thus providing a new home for these abandoned animals. 

Educational Films

 Rescuing animals is a worthy cause, but it still does not put an end to the cycle.  Here at Old Friend Rescue we want to provide educational films to the general public on many animal care/training etc. issues.  Taking it a step further we want to provide “how to” films so that other communities can start their own programs that will generate placement possibilities for unwanted pets in their community.  These films would include how to set up a non-profit, R.O.M.P. program, Senior for Seniors, etc. 

Helping Paws

 Future plans for Old Friends Rescue would be to set up a training facility to teach developmentally disabled citizens how to work with our rescued animals so that the animals may enter one of our programs or be more adoptable. 

Everlasting Care

A service for the terminally ill to ensure that their pets will be cared for after they pass away.